COVID-19 Safety Measures

Patient Information


As we continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic together, your safety continues to be a priority for us. As you prepare for your next visit, kindly take note of the new safety protocols we have implemented to ensure your safety and that of our team.

What we’ve done to keep you safe

  • We’ve installed separation glass screens in and throughout the clinic in line with the recommended physical distancing guidelines.

  • Remote temperature checks, pre-screening and hand sanitization will be conducted at our new external reception (desk) located by the entrance door to the main office.

  • Patients will be offered the option of being seated in shaded areas which will be provided on the compound.

  • Clinical personnel will be wearing isolation gowns, face shields and high-level protection masks.

  • Extensive post procedure discussions will take place outside of the dental operatories.

  • Room sanitization and disinfection will be implemented following the guidelines instituted by the CDC (Centres for Disease Control & Prevention).

  • Patients may wait in their vehicles after check-in, alternatively our external reception seating area will be made available.

  • In an effort to minimize waiting and crowding in our internal waiting room following procedures, we have restricted the numbers at any given time. All upholstery seating has been replaced with material surfaces which will be frequently sanitized. 

  • To manage air quality our engineering consultants have implemented the relevant protocols to manage the airflow based on the recommended CDC guidelines. We will also be utilising extra oral suctions for aerosol procedures. 

  • Patients will be seen by appointment only and are encouraged to contact the office if you have an emergency.

Preparing for your visit with us

  • Face masks must be worn on arrival and throughout the clinic, except during treatment.

  • Patients are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes before all scheduled appointments.

  • If you are running late kindly contact the office prior to arrival so we can determine whether we need to reschedule your appointment.

  • Patients may wait in their vehicles after check-in, temperature checks and hand sanitization or opt to utilise our external seating area.

  • The accompanying of patients within the clinic will be minimized except for instances where this is a requirement for disabled and elderly patients. 

  • As recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) patients will be asked to complete a COVID-19 pre-screening form before and upon arrival. We encourage you to share this request ahead of your visit with us.

In the event of any dental emergencies, please contact us at 246-228-6859 or via email at You may also keep in touch with us here regarding any COVID-19 updates.

We pray that you and your family continue to stay safe.